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The Future is Space 
(LiA Austin las piñatas 2022)

Austin Texas


“...El futuro es espacio,

espacio color de la tierra,

color de la nube, color del agua, de aire,

espacio negro para muchos sueños,

espacio blanco para toda la nieve, 

para toda la música…”

Pablo Neruda



The pinatas, the cultural heritage of the European travelers who landed in America, were adopted and have continued to be transformed under the influence of the Latin flavor that characterizes us. With its traditional star shape, this one alludes to the sins that must be destroyed with the help of a wooden stick that demonstrates virtue by putting an end to temptations, having as a reward the candies that represent riches.


That is why the proposal is based on this form, superimposing the pinatas to create a spatial limitation that generates bewilderment by its height, because it does not allow us to know where it leads us; representing the future as an unknown path.


Out-of-phase walls provide a new space, in which we can contemplate the joy of having our memories present with the pinatas, the songs, the music, the flavors, and the smells; this joy does not end in memory,


All the pinatas can be given as gifts after the celebrations to all the children present so that this same joy continues into the future.



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