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Austin Texas, 2022

Collaboration with Edmundo Vicuña 

vista 2 con_ar.png

The proposal is focused on the idea of the labyrinth as a single path towards a center. The design consists of a three-dimensional labyrinth in a circular geometry of 32’ diameter. The tension of the path ends at the center, in a special place designed for children, where they can express themselves through drawing. To achieve this goal, the panels of the central space will be painted in white, and several crayons will be hanging from the upper structure.


The exterior panels and some interior panels will be painted in red as a way of integrating the park and its vegetation, using red as  a complementary color of green.


The construction of the labyrinth consists of the combination of a single modular panel made with a 2x4” wood studs and 8 x 4’ plywood panels. The modules will be supported by a wood structure of diagonals and horizontal elements on the top.

vista 3 con_ar_mas rojo.png
vista 4 con_ar.png
vista 1 con_ar_2.png
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