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(Kitchen Renovation)

Austin, Texas 2022

Under Construction 2023

DRK 06.png

32 m2 | 342 sq. ft.

A young family, with two lovely dogs, wants to renovate the current kitchen space, they would like to have more family moments in that space; currently, the kitchen has peninsula cabinets, and upper cabinets on the sink wall, on the same side of the room the range and the fresh are located, the pantry is on one of the corners of the room. they have a breakfast table and a nice window with some plants in the room.

The main proposal is open the space to the sunlight, the pantry room, and the ceiling fort-down will be demolished, the nice window will be substituted for a french door, now the residents can be outside on the patio from the kitchen.

A new set of high cabinets, for the new pantry area, integrate the new location of the refrigerator, and continue the sink and dishwasher in the same place.


Proposed an island with the breakfast table integrated, the new range will be in the island, for have more space for work with the food preparation, the microwave will be located under the cabinets on the island and the range's hood will be integrated with open metal shelves.

For the wall connecting with the dining room, we proposed a new opening for more fluency of the circulation, and created a Butler cabinet.












1. Pantry

2. Dishwasher

3. Range

4. Breakfast Table

5. Butler 

6. Living

7. Main Access

8. Dining

9. Guest Bath

10. Garage

11. Patio

DRK 08.png
DRK 11.png
DRK 12.png
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