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Casa Marianella 

Austin Texas, 2022

Casa Marianella (1986) provides immigrants from more than 40 countries with shelter and support services for their stability and future independence during their passage through Austin, Texas. The project was conceived through the principles promoted by the shelter since its creation.

Francisco Chavez, activist, musician, and volunteer of Casa Marianella as well as project manager of the mural, invited us to help him improve the mural area, for which we proposed the creation of a multicultural pavilion.


The pavilion design for Casa Marianella was developed from 3 conceptual axes: the murals, the functionality, and the bioclimatic design. The construction materials are donations from Austin residents.

The proposal is based on an 8’ x 21’ modular structure constructed of wood, a material chosen for its practicality and easy assembly and disassembly. Each module will be arranged along the side patio framing the murals painted by the people who are staying there and the separation between the modules corresponds to the location of the existing trees; in addition, each space will have furniture for the enjoyment of the residents’ stays and the many activities that will occur in the pavilion.

Likewise, the modules are designed so that their cover via the pergolas (shade structures) provides maximum protection against solar radiation while allowing visual permeability with the surrounding environment.

The project can be built in stages, based on the needs of Casa Marianella.

MNL 03.png


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