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Established in MMXXI (2021).

Errrante is born as a collaborative virtual team and is the result of the union of different perspectives that converge in a bioclimatic and sustainable ideology.


Founded by Arturo Silva (Mx.), Aileen Mendoza (Mx.), Napoleón Hernández (Col.) and Maria Alejandra Cadena (Col. ), Errrante has an open approach to any scale of intervention, developing proposals ranging from itinerant design, interior design, residential architecture, commercial and urban planning, recognizing each project as a unique challenge for its economic, political, social and context, where it takes its design basis, bioclimatic, with its own methodology and in constant transformation as a tool to make the best design decisions, which translate into user comfort and energy efficiency.


In the constant search to develop sustainable projects, Errrante has reached different parts of America, with projects in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

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